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Two Brothers

One of our ministry partners recently returned from visiting our friends in India and wanted to share this with you -

I returned from India a few weeks ago and want to share a story about two brothers taken in by the Good Shepherd Children’s Home. The work that is done there for lepers and widows is equally amazing and so needed, but the story of these boys touched me.

Sai is 10 and came to Good Shepherd 4 years ago. His father had left when he was very young and later his mother abandoned him and his brother. After living in the street, his aunt took them both to live with her and her other children, even though they were also a very poor family who already couldn’t make ends meet. In the midst of poverty and hardship, Sai’s uncle committed suicide by drinking pesticides, leaving the family with no income and in an even more precarious situation. At the age of 6 Sai was sent away and came to Good Shepherd shortly after. A year later, his younger brother Ganabathi arrived.

Sai has grown quickly and is much taller than most boys his age, he has become a true leader amongst the children and helps with chores around the house and church as well as helping serve the lepers, widows, and pastors that are cared for by Good Shepherd. He and his brother are now not just surviving, but thriving and learning every day that the source of their blessings is Jesus.

We all are His hands and feet, and we all have a part to play with these boys and many others like them. The support of this ministry and of our selfless brothers and sisters working in India truly does make a difference.

Lord, let Your Kingdom be established in the hearts of many in India and let your light and power transform a nation so in need of You. Thank you for the incredible blessing of serving your people and seeing Your will be done.

Your donation will be doubled if made before January 15, 2022. Our goal is to reach $15,000. Click here to help out the orphans we love so much.

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1 Comment

Jun 14, 2022

The testimony of the growth of Sai and his brother is thrilling . I praise God and His faithfulness for Sister Lea Haish and the Answer the call international ministries for the tears- erasing efforts going on in India and other countries.

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