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India Update

During the pandemic, we sent funds that were used to buy oxygen concentrators that helped everyone in the community.

We partner with a ministry that reaches children, widows, lepers, and pastors. Due to your generous contributions, we were able to obtain acreage to build a new home for orphan children. Obtaining this land has been a very long process, but the Lord has been faithful in providing the perfect land for this project. Now that the land has been purchased, we are working on raising funds to lay down the dirt work needed and to start building the walls.

We have also provided food, clothes, and finances to the lepers and widows. Lepers have been provided tricycles to have a means of transportation.

Many people do not realize that in the Hindu religion, if a woman’s husband dies before she does, it is considered her fault for cursing her husband. She is not allowed to hold down a job, and merchants are not allowed to purchase goods and services from her. If the widow is poor, has no son, or her son is too young to support the family, she can be destitute. We do all we can to support these precious women.

We support many pastors in their efforts to spread the Good News. Some of these pastors work in very poverty stricken areas and others minister in areas where both Christians and Muslims alike, are often persecuted, and even killed. Please keeps these brothers and sisters of ours in your prayers.

Your donation will be doubled if made before January 15, 2022. Our goal is to reach $15,000. Click here to help these precious people of India.

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