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Answer the Call International supports Pastor Matthew's Ministry to children and others in his community. Our provision makes the difference in the lives of those in India.  We provide clothes, food, and shelter for the children, with a goal to build an orphanage to better suite their needs. ATC also provides for the needs of widows and lepers and poor area pastors. This includes not only their most basic needs, but also trikes for the lepers, bicycles for the pastors, and materials and transportation needed for evangelism to unreached tribes.  Currently we are looking for land for a new orphanage building and  clinic, which would provide opportunities to minister love in a tangible way to the lepers, the poor, and the Hindu neighbors.


The Children's Home provides for the basic needs and care of 20 orphans, as well as cares for their spiritual needs, making sure they know the love Jesus.


Pastor Matthew and his family help care for two leper colonies, providing a monthly stipend, food, clothing, and medical care. ATC has been able to provide numerous hand trikes through many generous donors, which enable people ravaged by the disease to move about more safely.


ATC provides care for widows connected with Pastor Matthew's church. These precious women are often considered outcasts and have no way to provide for their own needs. 


Pastor Matthew oversees evangelism efforts of over 50 pastors. ATC helps support these men with a monthly stipend, access to necessary resources, and bicycles to make their travel to remote villages easier. 


ATC supports two sewing centers by providing sewing machines and materials, as well as the salary for an instructor. The Sewing Centers provide training to local women of all faiths, giving these sometimes isolated ladies a chance to connect with others and hear the Gospel. They receive a certificate upon completion of the program that can help them obtain gainful employment.


ATC has helped provide the money to dig many wells in remote villages through the generous support of our donors. These wells paved the way for the Good News of Jesus to be preached to people who may not otherwise be willing to hear.

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