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  • Lea Haisch

The People of Panama Protest

We received this video and description from our partners in Panama.

The guy in the video is in San Cristobal, one of the red districts of David, Panama.  The red districts are like the projects. That is where you go to hire day laborers.  They received government food packages and small stipends but reports are that what the government is providing is not enough to feed the families.

He is saying:

"We are here in San Cristobal. People can't stand it anymore, People want an answer.  We are here protesting beside the fair grounds. We want to say that people don't have nothing to eat, people can't work, people don't know what to do The government should do something! There are people who don't need anything and they are supporting those of us who really need things. They help us more than our government!!

La libertad, Nuevo Amanecer, Villa Roca, San Cristóbal, all the areas. There are so many people here who are workers, people who work day by day. And we don't have an answer. And the government "esta fresco" (this is a Spanish expression saying someone is taking things too slow and or not doing nothing at all) Politicians come with "bonos" (government handouts are called bonos) That is not what we want!! More than 500 families affected just right here next to the David Fairgrounds! We need real help. We are not asking gifts. Here we pay for those bonos with our taxes. They want play politics with all this. They take pictures of politicians giving us bonos. You know how this works! All the families here are keeping rules, following the distances, following the instructions. But the "pailas" (the stockpot people use to cook rice) don't fill themselves. No one is destroying anything. We are protesting! We just want to call the attention of the government and the people who are in charge."

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